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Full-Service Lawn Irrigation Management for the
Tampa Bay Community

Clearwater Sprinkler System Installation Company

Whether you are homeowner or business in and around Tampa Bay, proper irrigation is crucial to keeping your lawn looking lush and green. When it comes to irrigation and sprinkler systems, it’s all about striking a balance between conservation and allowing sufficient water for healthy plant growth. Too little water and you’ll be left with a lawn that’s a patchy brown eyesore. Too much and you’ll be wasting water (and money) and possibly even drowning your greenery.


Every property is unique. Different lawns have different needs that must be realized for them to flourish. That’s why Sunrise Irrigation offers an array of irrigation, sprinkler, and water conservation solutions tailored to your unique landscape. At Sunrise Irrigation, we believe that beautiful properties begin with a healthy, green, and thriving lawn.

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Our Family-Owned Irrigation & Sprinkler Service Company is Fully Licensed and Insured,


and has been proudly serving residential and commercial customers in Tampa Bay for more than 20 years. We’ve been able to gain the trust of the local community by using a team of top irrigation specialists, all of whom are dedicated to providing unparalleled lawn and irrigation services. Throughout Tampa Bay, the Sunrise Irrigation name has become synonymous with flourishing lawns and smart water conservation.


Our irrigation experts have the expertise, resources, and experience to accommodate all of your irrigation needs. We utilize efficient systems that are designed to conserve water, save you money, and provide you with smooth, stress-free operation for many years to come. If you are looking for an honest, experienced, and dependable company to install, repair, or maintain your sprinkler and water systems in the Tampa Bay area, give us a call today.

Expert Sprinkler Installation, Maintenance, and More for Tampa Bay Residents and Businesses


Sunrise Irrigation offers a variety of irrigation services, helmed by licensed and insured professionals and backed by the latest in water conservation and irrigation technology. Some of our services include:


 Palm Harbor FL Sprinkler System Installation

From choosing a reliable, water efficient sprinkler to imparting tips on proper use, our technicians go the extra mile to install sprinkler systems that save you water and money. With more than 20 years of experience installing sprinkler systems in Tampa Bay, Sunrise Irrigation has the know-how you need to address your unique landscape’s needs.

Well Pumps Repair & Installation Palm Harbor, FL

Our well pump technicians know that no two water wells are the same, which is why we evaluate each property to identify the best well-drilling and well-pump services for your unique landscape. Our qualified specialists will use specialized equipment and the latest techniques to keep your well pump operational and safe.

Palm Harbor Lawn Sprinkler System Repair

Our sprinkler specialists offer a comprehensive range of repair, tune-up, and maintenance services, from sprinkler control box replacement to broken pipe replacement. If you have a problem with your sprinkler system, our technicians can repair or replace it and ensure your system is working its best.

Tampa Bay Irrigation System Maintenance Plans

We can work with you to come up with a comprehensive and ongoing maintenance plan designed to keep your lawn healthy and green all year long. Your service plan will be tailored to your unique needs, and can include regular tune-ups, inspections, and winterization.

Commercial Irrigation Systems Tampa

For business owners in Tampa Bay, lush and beautiful landscaping can play a big part in creating a professional, appealing image for your storefront or business. Our fully licensed technicians can help you install and manage an efficient commercial irrigation system to ensure your property looks its best – while saving you money!

Reclaimed Water Systems St. Petersburg, FL

For business owners in Tampa Bay, lush and beautiful landscaping can play a big part in creating a professional, appealing image for your storefront or business. Our fully licensed technicians can help you install and manage an efficient commercial irrigation system to ensure your property looks its best – while saving you money!

High Water Bills? Our Tampa Bay Water Conservation Specialists Can Help


If you cringe every time you receive your monthly water bill, the water conservation specialists at Sunrise Irrigation can help. We specialize in helping homeowners and businesses alike save water and money by maintaining or upgrading your water system with modern, high-efficiency fixtures. With our conservation services, we can help you:


  • Reduce your utility bills by up to 60 percent
  • Increase your property value
  • Make your return on investment in as little as six months
  • Conserve a precious natural resource


Sound good? Get in touch with us at Sunrise Irrigation to learn how our irrigation system upgrade and maintenance services can help you dramatically cut your water bill.

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At Sunrise Irrigation, our technicians have become trusted authorities on sprinkler and irrigation services across the Tampa Bay are due to two decades of unparalleled service. We make every effort to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in irrigation through continuing education and training, and by consulting with the clients we serve firsthand. Not only is our team fully licensed and insured, we’re certified as a Landscape Irrigation auditor and RainBird trained. We are also proud members of the Florida Irrigation Society and the Irrigation Association.


At Sunrise Irrigation, we are committed to beautifying the home and commercial property landscapes of Tampa Bay, while helping our community to save water, money, and stress. We take pride in being punctual, informative, and efficient, and providing our clients with the information they need to make the right lawn-care decisions. The equipment we use is always rated above industry standards, and we aim to offer top products at a competitive price. Our talented irrigation technicians stand behind our work, and make every effort to get the job right the firs time. But if we do make a mistake, we will not hesitate to fix it immediately and at no additional cost to you.


For a lush and healthy landscape, give Sunrise Irrigation a call at (727) 772-3819. We’d love discuss some of the services we can provide to make your lawn greener, lusher, and healthier.

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